Gamers who play the MMORPG, Silkroad Online (SRO) could previously attempt to login repeatedly on the same login screen without re-launching the game.

This changed after Joymax introduced a patch that required CAPTCHA verification.

Now, when a player tries to login, (successfully passing the CAPTCHA test) the program will force-exit if the server being connected to is full.

We, the undersigned, believe an implementation better than the described scenario is necessary.

The following are the advantages to changing this:

- Third party "NoDC" software is available, but is against the stated EULA

- Having an official "NoDC" reduces the dependency on such hacks, which exposes players to the risk of keyloggers, etc

- Reduces frustration on players trying to connect.

If the CAPTCHA mechanism has already been verified, disconnecting should not be necessary!

If Joymax actually already has plans to make changes to this issue, at least, please let it be made known to players that "something" is being done, even if no technical details is released.

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