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would you want to see an official xbox 360 emulator on your gaming pc so you can use the latest games without having to wait for it to be released on pc, and with maximum performance because your pc dwarfs a consoles capabilities, which runs as a stand alone operating system.

i beleive microsoft to make the operating system emulator and nvidia, ati, creative, auzentech for drivers specially tweaked could easily make this happen, i for 1 would gladly pay the same price as an xbox 360 for such a product, and believe they could keep it from being pirated by making use of some kind of usb dongle and a special but faster than original 360 dvd drive and an activation scheme, and the only way to buy it would be in a pack, just like you buy a console from a store

the xbox 360 hardware is not much good, ie inadequate cooling leading to damaged consoles, many games have poor frame rates, these are the 2 main issues i have with the 360, i'm sure their are others.

i imagine many pc gamers would like this as you could simply buy the components which tower over the 360's specs which would not cost much especially if you overclock, and not have to upgrade until the next console comes out

microsoft would do really well out of this too cutting manufacturing costs dramaticaly, whilst keeping pc gamers happy and game publishers would see an improvement in sales too, all in all i think everyone would benefit

pc gaming would still exist for the people who are happy paying a fortune each year just to play the latest advanced game and keep up with the hardware and power requirements.

so come on gamers lets make microsoft notice we want this

come on gamers let's make microsoft notice we want this

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