#Human Rights
Amnesty International

Roxana Saberi has been convicted by a court in Tehran, Iran. Many international news organisations have been covering and bringing awareness to her severe sentence. She has worked for high news distributors including the BBC.

Roxana was first charged with buying a bottle of wine in the Islamic Republic of Iran. Now the Iranian judiciary has gone full length in accusing her of espionage with no evidence that has been made public even though the trial has commenced.

The judiciary has now ordered what's been termed a "quick and fair" appeal with President Ahmadinejad’s approval. Though, he has urged that Roxana should be allowed to offer a full defence during her appeal.

We, the signer and co-signer of this document, call on the Supreme Judicial Court of the Islam Republic of Iran to take into consideration the International Bill of Rights that calls apon all humans to be allowed a fair juried trial.

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