I've been waiting for a game like OKAM for years, and now its finally here. Just imagine it, 200 plus PLAYERS online fighting in a huge battlefield, heads flying, blood splattering, and then your feeling of success after conquering a territory with your friends. Then you proceed to build your own castle and defend it. Just amazing.

The only problem for me, and Im sure lots of other people too, is that I cant afford to build a PC that can run a game like this. The games graphics is just way too much for a next gen console.

So what Im asking for is just to lower the graphics for CONSOLES ONLY, I do not want to drag the PC community down as they are not to blame. I wouldn't mind playing this game on 30 fps and 720p as the gameplay and the content makes up for it. So, please, anyone that feels or felt like me at one point, support me just as I would support people too.

We suggest to bring this amazing game, Of Kings And Men, to next-gen consoles as it also means more profit for your company.

We only ask for the game itself, no mods included.

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