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Wokingham Borough Council
United Kingdom

Wokingham Borough council is proposing to change the way the 240 FREE parking bays around Wokingham Town Centre operate. These range from the 30 minute quick-stop bays to the 3 free hour parking bays on Norreys Avenue and outer streets of the town. It wants to implement a charge of 70p - £1.00 for 30 minutes to 1 hour’s parking within the town, including outside two of the local doctors surgery's and a church and the Borough offices. Maximum time 1 hour with no return within one hour.

This could mean people will have to pay when popping in to pick up a prescription at the Doctors or possibly when visiting a grave. Wokingham town traders are already affected by the current economic down turn and empty shops are sending shoppers to other local towns. An increase in parking charges and no free parking spaces could be for many the final curtain.

A statutory consultation will be running from July 29 for 21 days, but as this will be when many people will be on holiday it could result in this proposal being passed through without the community's true objections being heard. Please sign the petition and pass on to all your local friends to get the voice of the community heard.

We, the undersigned, officially object to Wokingham Borough Council's proposal to change the 240 free of charge parking bays to metered parking.

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