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Development Consent Authority in the Northern Territory

A Telecommunication company is proposing to build a 35 metre hight monople antenna directly in front of high density residential area.

In their proposal, they claim that this type of antenna is best suited to a non residential area. This base station is more powerful than the others situated around our suburb. Should this go ahead, our suburb will be surrounded by a cluster of mobile phone station bases.

We are concerned about the long term effects of EMEs, and that these will add more EMEs that are already being emitted from other sources in our area.

We the residents of Karama suburb are petitioning against the construction of a 35m high monopole antenna by Telstra.

In the Proposal submitted by Telstra, this type of mobile base station is not suitable in residential areas “it is generally held that facilities such as that proposed are more appropriate in non-residential areas, an outcome which has been achieved here” (Telsta planning proposal, Mark Baade, 7th April 2011) However, the location, which is behind the Karama shopping plaza is less than 10 metres away from residential dwellings.

We would like Telstra to reconsider this location and move the mobile base further out towards unoccupied land found on the opposite side of Vanderlin Drive. We are also concerned about the additional electromagnetic energy levels (EME) that it emits as this will place us in the middle of a cluster of mobile phone base stations.

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