#Civil Rights
Imo state government and Nigeria Federal Government

Call off dark edge on the Nzerem people.

This is a petition for more infrastructure and community development projects to stop flooding and other catastrophes from adversely harming the community.

Nzerem is one of the oldest community settlement in Imo state, but has not been recognised since its existence by its own government.

From July to first week of November every year, Nzerem people are locked in their homes, because of no road, no bridge, overflowing rivers, no access to market hospitals, schools. Hunger deals with people for 3 months, people coming from outside find it difficult getting home to meet their poor parents.

Government of Imo state and Federal Government should respond to this problem.

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The Nzerem dark edge should be called off. Provide infrastructure and community development petition to Imo state government and Nigeria Federal Government was written by Realtek G and is in the category Civil Rights at GoPetition.