National Rugby League

When Aboriginal people go to another Aboriginal persons country/lands we acknowledge and respect those peoples whose lands we are visiting, if we visit for an official gathering we acknowledge and pay hommage to those people and their ancestors publicly, this shows respect and acknowledgement that you are welcome in those persons country and also shows that those you represent have decency and appreciate the welcome.

It should only be right if NZRL pertains to display performance of the Haka as being cultural pride than they must show protocol by first acknowledging the Indigenous people of Australia.

We the undersigned call on the ARL to make stipulations to the NZRL team that before the Haka is performed their Captain on behalf of the players, management & staff announce that they "acknowledge the Aboriginal people of Australia" or words to that effect.

We feel that this would be within the realms of cultural appropriateness, protocols & the essence of fair play. If NZRL feels no need to show protocol or if Maori people do not wish to show solidarity and support for Aboriginal peoples of Australia then we call for the Haka to be banned.

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