#Freedom of Personal Expression
United States of America

Mandating uniforms to help patients identify staff members is not an answer.

Research has shown that in order to better identify staff member based on their jobs, It is necessary to think outside the box and do something that has never been done.

First and foremost we need ancillary departments out of scrubs.

We need to put our physicians back in white coats and have nurses affix a patch with RN or LPN on it.

We, the undersigned call on St. Lukes in Sioux City to Eliminate the mandatory color coded uniforms.

We feel that what we wear both positively influences our attitudes and our patients attitudes.

Many of us have heard the positive comments made by those we care for who enjoy having someone in bright colors care for them.

By mandating color choices, our freedom of expression is being suppressed. This suppression will have a negative impact both on nurses and those the nurses care for.

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