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Hello, how are you.
I would love to bring back registered nurses to primary and high school's to check for scoliosis like they use to many years ago.
Reason being, Scoliosis is such a common problem in so many kids/teenagers and it does not get detected until its to let,
My 10 year old has scoliosis and she has a page on facebook telling everyone about her scoliosis journey and its this page that made me decide to do this petition. The amount of Adults that have messaged her saying that either their kids or themselves have scoliosis but didn't get detected until it was late was just unbelievable, and also so many teenagers and adults that have said they now live in chronic pain because it wasn't detected earlier and there is nothing you can do once the spine forms is very sad to hear, where as because my daughter did get detected early she has a great outcome, yes she does have to wear a brace for a few years as it was not detected as early as it should be but it was detected early enough to save her from serious and chronic pain in the long run.
So if we could even get registered nurses out just 2 times a year to all Australian primary and high school's just to check young children and teenagers spines before its to late that would be excellent. Scoliosis is very common in kids but especially teenagers going through growth spurts, so let's get nurses back in school's and stop scoliosis from attacking children's spines just like it attacked my daughters spine. If you can please help me save kids from this horrible thing to go through by just bringing back the nurses to school It would be greatly appreciate.
Thank you for your time.

I am requesting signatures, to bring back registered nurses to primary & high school's to check young children and teenagers for scoliosis. its a very common disease that attacks our spines and makes them curve especially through growth spurts. If we can bring back nurses to all Australian school's just 2 times a year and save kids from this horrible thing that would be great.
My daughters both have scoliosis,
one detected early and has a great outcome,
and one detected late as we had never heard of scoliosis and now has to live in a back brace for 23hrs a day for 3 years.
Some kids have unfortunately been detected so late they needed spinal surgery.
So please if we can make this happen and get enough signatures, we can all together save children from ever needing to go through anything like that.
Your help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you for your time.
Kind Regards

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