National Rugby League

From the first rugby league season in 1908 until the year 2000, the rugby league grand final kicked off at 3pm. This time and 5pm kick offs allowed families and friends to gather together for back yard BBQs around NSW and later the nation. Children kicked footy balls and ran around gleefully, while the adults tended the barbie and probably drank too much before everyone gathered around the tele to watch the big game. Grand final day had the feel of a public holiday. In recent years the NRL moved kick off time to 7.30pm to pander to the broadcasters who want more advertising dollars. The social aspect of NRL grand final has been lost. Bring it back! Sign this petition for the NRL grand final to kick off between 3pm and 5pm and share it with everyone you’re FB friends with, whether they love or loathe NRL

We, the undersigned, demand that the National Rugby League Grand Final each year kick off between 3pm and 5pm to restore the event to its historical family-friendly celebratory status.

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