Nova Scotia Department of Health

** UPDATE - On February 27th, 2008 Judee Young lost her fight with cancer. Unfortunately, she was never able to receive treatment with Avastin. I will continue to collect signatures with the hopes that someday soon the department of health will reverse their decision and provide this drug to Nova Scotians who need it. **


Judee Young is a wife and mother from Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia. She is also one of approximately 100 Nova Scotians battling colorectal cancer for which the cancer drug Avastin has been prescribed. The problem is that Avastin is very expensive ($35,000 per year) and the Department of Health refuses to cover the cost.

On June 13th a review will be held by the Cancer Systemic Therapy Policy Committee to decide whether or not to recommend approval of Avastin to the Nova Scotia Department of Health. This will be the fourth review by the committee.

As Nova Scotians, it is very important that we let the government know that we demand to have access to the best health care available. Please help me in getting as many signatures as possible before this date.

You can also contact the Minister of Health's office directly at 424-3377 or email them at healmin@gov.ns.ca

Judee Young's story appeared in the Chronicle Herald and Daily News on May 28,2007.



We, the undersigned, want the Nova Scotia Department of Health to give all Nova Scotians living with cancer the best chance for survival by approving the funding of the cancer drug Avastin.

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