#Civil Rights
Nottingham City Council
United Kingdom

Since its beginning the Occupy Camp on Market Square in Nottingham has maintained liaison with City Council officials. Shortly after it was established the camp accomodated the council's wish for it to move within the square. More recently (end February 2012) it has been in discussion about relocation and had agreed to move. Despite this agreement the council has issued an eviction notice.

What is asked of the council in this petition is deliberately left vague. This is in order to be reasonable and to leave the council "wriggle room", the scope to offer a variety of forms of support to retrieve the situation that they have created by their unnecessary action.

The decision of Nottingham City Council to evict the Occupy Camp when the camp had already agreed to relocate appears to be an unnecessary, over the top, exercise of power that is a breach of trust.

It appears to be an attempt to humiliate a group who have shown dedication and endurance over the winter by surviving on the market square.

We call on the council to restore their credentials as respectors of democratic dissent.

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The Nottingham Occupy Camp Eviction petition to Nottingham City Council was written by Brian Davey and is in the category Civil Rights at GoPetition.