#Neighborhood Living
Camden Council
United Kingdom

Camden Council is proposing to build a new primary school building for Kingsgate school at Liddell Road.

To finance the development, Camden is building a 14-storey high residential tower on the site.

This is higher than the Ballymore development. No affordable housing is planned.

Camden has been given £6.7 million from central government for school building. It has chosen to spend this money elsewhere in the borough, rather than use it to reduce the height of the proposed tower and increase the amount of affordable housing.

Camden will make £3m profit from the proposals. It is not clear why this profit cannot be used to fund affordable housing at Liddell Road.

A 14 storey tower is inappropriate in West Hampstead, and contrary to the NDF plan.

We believe that Camden should change its plans to reduce the height of the proposed tower. If necessary, it should use the government grant to finance the development, rather than a 14 storey tower with no affordable housing. It should not make a profit on a scheme that includes no affordable housing.

We, the undersigned, call on Camden Council to change the plans for Liddell Road to:

(a) reduce the height of the proposed tower to a maximum of 6 storeys;

(b) significantly increase the amount of affordable housing provided;

(c) retain as much of the existing business use on the site as possible.

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