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We give notice to the NZNO Chief Executive to issue notice of a Special General Meeting:

“That the membership of NZNO seek to reject any SGM under clause 26.1.2 of the Constitution where members have not been fully informed from both parties official representatives prior to signing a petition or constituting the 1 % of membership. On that basis all SGM should be rejected by the CEO “
“That the membership of NZNO reject any SGM from being called that is outside of the NZNO Constitution, and on that basis the CEO can reject an SGM or defer for discussion at the next AGM”


At the heart of this recommendation is the union and professional values of fairness, justice, democracy, transparency and informed consent and membership costs. Within the NZNO Constitution, members have the ability to give notice of a Special General Meeting (SGM) to the Chief Executive providing that the request meets the threshold as set out in the Constitution. Only the business will be transacted at that SGM on that day. It is important that this mechanism is available to members bearing in mind that this is expensive and time consuming for both staff and NZNO voluntary members, delegates and representatives and should only be called when there is evidence to support claims.


Freed to Care, Proud to Nurse is the vision statement of Tōpūtanga Tapuhi Kaitiaki o Aotearoa, the New Zealand Nurses Organisation that reflects the industrial and professional aspirations of nurses in Aotearoa. Our commitment to Te Tiriti o Waitangi, our foundation of biculturalism is integral to our uniqueness as a country and tāngata whenua. Through our evolutionary history the fabric of biculturalism, democratic, union and professional values have been echoed through the nurses who represent us in governance, members and staff.
In solidarity, shoulder to shoulder with our fellow nurses, professional associations and trade unions is what has helped us to endure our darkest political, employment and environment crisis. We are proud to be a member of the International Council of Nurses and also affiliate to the New Zealand Council of Trade Unions (NZCTU) and for that reason it is the responsibility of NZNO to ensure the professionalism and reputation of our organisation upheld at all times. The NZCTU exists to unite democratic Trade unions, to enable them to consult and co – operate with each other for the common good, and to help achieve the agreed aims and objects of the NZCTU by acting in unison and in accordance with democratic majority decisions.

The NZCTU also:
1. Recognise Te Tiriti o Waitangi as the founding document of Aotearoa/New Zealand
2. Uphold the principles of democracy, including the democratic means of changing Governments;
3. Champion the cause of peace and human freedom;
4. Oppose and combat totalitarianism and aggression in any form.

It pledges solidarity and support to all working people deprived of their rights as workers and human beings by oppressive regimes.

The NZCTU declares that all workers should enjoy equal rights and opportunity at the workplace, within Trade Unions, and in society at large.

We have seen over the past year that this mechanism has been used by the NZNO Board which co-insided with the 2019 AGM and a petition submitted to the CEO by the former NZNO President which was held in December last year.
We understand through a public announce through media and social media blogs from the petitioners that there is yet another SGM being requested which serves only to undermine member confidence in their union and professional association.

While the ability to call an SGM must be available to members it should not be used to undermine the principles of biculturalism, democracy and professionalism or personal advantage. In this instance the “proposed” petition seeks to remove the existing Board members who have been democratically elected and seeks to override the NZNO Constitution without transparency of evidence or having evidence of attempts to manage this at the lowest possible level before putting this issue out in the public domain. All of these steps would be the most appropriate to ensure our reputation as the largest professional and industrial organisation for nurses, midwives health care workers and students.

**Please make sure to put your membership number in the comment section of the petition.

Nga Mihi Nui

Awa Love
Naomi Waipouri

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