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America needs new and innovative solutions to school violence. US taxpayers spend $700 billion yearly on public education, with $2.7 billion buying more automatic locking doors, video surveillance devices, facial recognition software and armed guards. Year after year, these billions turning schools into fortresses haven’t stop armed teenagers from killing or injuring thousands of children.

We must move fast to avert more senseless deaths. In 2022 alone, 27 school shootings have already claimed 14 children’s lives with 45 injured. But with the May 24 Robb Elementary School massacre, 83 children are now dead or seriously injured. Since 2000, 311,000 traumatized American children have lived through school gun violence. More importantly, these numbers hide the fact that millions of non-fatal school violence events occur annually. Every school shooter since 1960 experienced some type of repeated non-fatal violence.

Schools are doing their best. But devotion isn’t the issue. A smarter and integrated defensive-offensive approach is needed. It’s time to be proactive, to put the best minds, companies, and volunteers to work, using smart data and smart technologies to together stop the carnage. And the same technology insures no child’s privacy rights will be violated. We need to anticipate school violence, to stop some of the guns before they come on school grounds.
As a signer of this document, I petition President Joe Biden, his Executive Branch agencies, and the U.S. Congress to work togther to fund a National School Violence Initiative (NSVI) that creates a centralized school violence database to store vast amounts of valuable, unused, and fragmented school violence data. This massive library will serve as the repository needed to create easy-to-use web apps that parents, teachers, school administrators, school psychologists, health professionals, researchers, and law-enforcement will use to identify and respond to signs before violence occurs. They will be able to do something that is not possible now—to translate insight into meaningful actions and programs.
Apps from the database might include 1) a behavioral analytics engine connecting a child's behavior to hundreds of school shooter behavior patterns, 2) a tool schools can use to see how vulnerable they are to mass attacks, 3) an app comparing the language of most racist school shooters with the recruitment language of domestic terrorists so parents can filter them out on browers, 4) an insight app counselors can access for identifying and applying the most effective intervention programs, 5) a law enforcement app providing data showing the most effective response strategies, and other apps reflecting as much value in taking the offense against school violence as the questionable value of continuing to rely on ineffective defensive strategies. It’s time politicians stop talking and support this win-win national initiative. In summary, an open-source national school violence database, along with many smart apps development, can start a new era of reducing school violence.
By signing this petition, I agree to become part of a new American community committed to reducing school violence. Moreover, this signature will tell government officials that it’s time to take politics out of the equation, to stop the unproductive and trivial arguing and develop actual programs that keep children safe. We’re all tired of crying. We are all tired of 4-day media coverage of talking head experts repeating the same old-same old, and we’re tired of politicians talking instead of acting. We are tired of the fear and the trauma. I stand with thousands of fellow Americans. We are shouting in one great voice: Not Another Child. Not Another Shooting.

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