Norwich City Council and football club
United Kingdom

The football ground in Norwich is very central and affects residents and the road system more than much larger grounds. Our ill conceived inner ring road is closed after each match to allow supporters to leave the stadium.

There is a huge backlog of cars for over an hour as there is not sufficient traffic management. The stadium has gaps in the sides so the sound escapes and carries to resident's homes.

There is no attempt to work with or warn residents about the effects of the game. attempts to contact the club have been rebuffed by those not willing to see how much football is resented and holds sway. The club says it isn't possible to move the ground but it is talking of expanding, which will cause greater problems.

We the undersigned call on the city council and football Club -

-That residents are informed of fixtures for the year and how it affects them;

-that any changes to traffic, moving, or size of the stadium are open to a public meeting;

-any policing or closing of paths and road is prewarned and well advertised;

-any major events such as end of season party (which stopped most central buses and mad a huge rowdy mess for several hours) is well advised and views sought before going ahead;

-that the views of non football loving citizens are fully listened to a taken into account;

-and a better system for the ring road is put into place as soon as practicable.

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