In today’s society Canada has become a well developed country that seems to grow at every opportunity that we get. We are able to sustain are economy enough to keep our country safe and able to design and make various ways to survive. Canada is adequate country and can recognize situations that we need to change and can improve. Thus, if we take initiative we can help our economy grow and may be able to make a brighter future for not only Canada but the World. Canada has a great influence on the world and we believe that we should use this advantage.

One major problem that our society has not seemed to overcome is the damages from Non-renewable resources. I hope that we can make a difference and be able to change your view about this topic.

These Non-renewable resources are used everyday and are taken from our earth to do the various tasks at hand. These resources can consist of coal, gas, oil and much more. In order to obtain these valuable substances, we must extract them from our earth, usually having a negative affect to our earth.

Non-renewable resources have not been taken proper care of and can become a global threat to us all. The over consumption of these hazardous materials is affecting our earth, and destroying many of sources that we take granted for. One effect that non-renewable resources are affecting is global warming.

Many fumes made from cars, factories and houses everyday are responsible by non-renewable resources. These fumes go into our earth and damage the ozone layer that seems to be decreasing everyday. As this may not look like a large amount per day, the long term affect will not look good for our world. The earth’s temperature is increasing and we must take action in order to stop this massive growth of temperature we experience every year.

Another situation that we must think about is our natural habitats that we need in order to survive. Rain forests are being destroyed by the numerous fumes created by non-renewable resources. Without the help of trees, humankind will be destroyed as we know it. So we must take an effort in order to change our ways.

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