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Friends In Need Animal Rescue
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Friends In Need has helped rescue and support hundreds of animals in the Rocky Mountain region for over 15 years.

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Their dedication to the welfare and comfort of all animals is tremendous. More often than not, they spend their own funds and all their time providing and caring for animals that don't have much hope for adoption. Their house and property has become a sanctuary.

Small donations and sporatic help has helped them stay afloat but their cause has been primarily funded and managed through their own savings and time commitment.

Now, one of the primary care givers (Kim O'Donnell) has become gravely ill and unable to work his full time job or help much around the sanctuary. He is required to be on oxegen and has little strength to do the hard work required to keep the place running for the benefit of these special creatures. Karen O'Donnell has shouldered the majority of the work for the last several months and due to their circumstances, the place has been deteriorating.

Help is needed to give the place a face lift so Kim and Karen can reach out to potential donors to help sustain their cause. It is challenging to get others to support this effort when things appear to be on the decline.

A makeover would help them project the image of success and also provide needed media attention to attract more support.

Please sign the petition below to encourage ABC to give serious consideration to their existing application.

This one simple act could mean more than you realize to Kim, Karen and all their furry friends!


Kim O'Donnell has now been placed on permanent disability making the situation even more dire. YOUR HELP WILL TRULY HELP A WORTHWHILE CAUSE.

We, the undersigned, feel that ABC should provide the Friends In Need Animal Sanctuary the makeover they need to get their not for profit organization the face lift they need to keep up the important work they do and attract new donors to their cause.

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