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"NOC" Movement.

Stands for "No Ocean Casualties". In Memory of "Nonon, Olin and Cindy". (NOC) was originated from these three beloved names which their lives were taken away unexpectedly by the open water of Chuuk. And for the hundreds and thousands of casualties that their names are not mentioned.

There has been so many lives taken by our water and little to no action is taken to prevent future tragic. In this month alone, the water again claimed three lives. All from the island of Murilo, a little island in the Hall region (or so they call it). It is approximately 800 miles of open water from the Main island Weno. That brought our numbers up to over ten (one too many). But that is just my island, so you can guess how many more lives from all the other islands in Chuuk were claimed by the water, and yet still nothing was done to prevent such tragic. Traveling in our water is our way of lives, it's who we are. But at what point do we recognize that there's a need to control open water traveling and to implements and control safety measures in place to prevent further tragic. How many more lives need to be lost to start a law to ensure every travelers on the water are safe and meet a safety standard procedures before going out at sea. How many more bright futures and children lives must be lost to see that there's a need to control our water travelers. How many more? You don't provide safe vessels regularly to our islands. You don't provide safety measure to our travelers to the outer islands to ensure their safety at sea. Then what is your purpose? What do you do as a leader to ensure safety of our people is a priority? What do you do when a family is traveling in open water on a small boat because they do not have the option to travel on a safer/bigger vessel? What do you do?

The answer is this. "NOC", pronounce Nok-"spelling of knock in Chuukese language", meaning "fichifich". Uwa "fichifich" on asam. It is a bill/movement that we the people want to introduce to the Government of Chuuk.

We, the undersigned call on the Government of Chuuk to introduce a bill that will mandate all moving boats/vessels to have required water safety gear/survival kits and license to operate and travel in our open water. We the undersigned want to include in the same law to have an age limit of five and above to travelers on small boats between islands that are hundreds miles away. We the undersigned want the Government to patrol docks/ports and all sea border to ensure safety checklist and supervision is done to every travelers before heading out to sea. We the undersigned demand safety measure to be implemented at all ports/docks/and sea shore to ensure safety of travelers. We the undersigned understand the needs of traveling on the water freely, but safely is our goal.

We need your help!

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