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Defence Minister Stephen Smith

Defence Minister Stephen Smith has decided it is now okay to allow women to serve in military combat roles.
Here are some reason why women should not be allowed into Australian Military Combat Roles:

1. It is a sanitary issue for a woman to be sitting in a trench or fob for a long time. What happens when she menstruates? There are no bins or showers in the middle of Afghanistan and I am disgusted at the thought that my partner will not only have to put up with being in a trench in the first place but will also have to put up with the smell and hygiene issue of having a woman present. Yes there are injections that stop that but that's just another government expense and if a woman has a bad reaction to the injection your opening yourself up to a lawsuit.

2. Our soldiers grow facial hair in order to get more respect from the men in Afghanistan. Our troops are overseas training the Afghan National Army. I do not see how a woman would get the Afghan men to work for her as it is completely against their culture. You will lose all respect from them, not to mention the fact that a female soldier will not be tolerated by a Afghan males she is trying to do a bomb search on or arrest. If she cant fill the duty to its full capacity then she shouldn't be there.

3. You run a high risk of a female soldier being captured by Taliban forces. Can you imagine the back lash from the public. And the rape that poor woman would endure.

4. As a infantry spouse I am concerned at the safety of my spouse. I for one know his natural instinct is to protect a woman in any circumstance. He would put himself at risk in order to protect a female soldier, as would alot of male soldiers. Nor do I want the ADF to train him otherwise. Chivalry will get our soldiers killed and it cannot and should not be trained out of them as it is a part of being Australian.

5. If your trying to avoid future sex scandals in the ADF why put in women in an area that is always remote and full of men. Not to mention that combat soldiers are not like normal soldiers. They are tough and thick skinned and often use black humour in order to be able to handle the mental anguish that comes with being a combat soldier. Picture it this way, 6 months no sex sitting in a fob in the middle of the desert. This female soldier is going to be having sex with the men in that fob or its going to be all the male soldiers think about. Causing a distraction and as result more casualties in your war against terror.

6. As awful and inappropriate as it sounds soldiers masturbate on deployment. They dont go off and find somewhere private to do their deed. They just do it. Its a method used to clear their head and keep concentration. Can you imagine the scandal if a woman soldier was present when that happened? Indecent exposure and the like. I would rather my spouse do his deed and stay level headed and get caught and you have a lawsuit than get shot in the head due to lack of concentration.

7. Does this also mean that in the event that Australia be involved in a major war Australian citizens can expect to not just say goodbye to their sons, fathers and husbands, but also to their daughters, wives and mothers? If its gender equality your after it cant be suitable one minute and not so the next.


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