#Neighborhood Living
Wandsworth Council
United Kingdom

You may be aware that the council has received a planning application to redevelop the site by Clapham Junction Station to provide residential and commercial uses and a new station entrance.

I personally welcome this development as it includes two new station buildings (on both sides of Clapham Junction Station) complete with ticket halls, escalators, lifts but also new shops, medical centre and a cinema (much needed).

However, the new proposal includes also the construction of 2 towers of 42 storey. Can you picture out the HSBC and City Group towers in Canary Wharf ? This is what is going to be build on top of the train station.

In addition to erect sky-scrappers style building (the other constructions will be 3 storeys), the shape and colour (blue and yellow) of the 2 buildings are eyesores amongst the old brick construction and Victorian houses of the area, which include conservation area with Arding&Hobbes (now Debenhams), the Grant, the former City Hall…etc.

We have now released a website that will be used to publish regular news and comments about the planning proposal:

This website will be updated on a regular basis with new articles, analysis and agenda of meetings and events.

We, the undersigned, call on the Wandsworth Council to review the planning application for the Clapham Junction Station redevelopment and refuse the two 42 storey towers.

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