Manningham City Council

Key concerns:

1. Health risks.
2. Communications.
3. Aesthetics.

The proposed tower position is in a community sensitive area - full of children and people most sensitive to the damage EMR causes. Within close proximity to 2 schools, kindergarten, sports fields and courts, senior citizens, playground and skate park.

Health risks:
EMR from Towers is proven to cause cancer, leukemia, DNA damage, sleep disorders, headaches, nervousness or distress, fatigue, concentration difficulties, nausea, memory loss, visual disorders, dizziness, cardiovascular problems, susceptibility to infection, buzzing in the head, vertigo. See notowersnearschools.com

* A tower would not be necessary in Warrandyte if Vodafone use the same technology as Telstra.
*There is no proven reason for the tower to be located in Warrandyte.

We are in the "green wedge". Beautiful trees and greenery greet you as you enter Warrandyte ... a Tower will be unsightly and the first thing you see as you enter this gorgeous haven.

PLEASE WRITE AN OBJECTION LETTER BY 31.3.10. A sample document is available. Please email:nomobiletowerinwarrandyte@ozemail.com.au for further details.

We, the undersigned members of the Warrandyte Community, wish to inform the Manningham City Council that we are gravely concerned about the potential health risks associated with living and working within close proximity of the above-referenced tower, due to the elevated levels of Non-Ionizing Electro Magnetic Radiation (EMR) they constantly emit.

Furthermore, the proposed tower is less than 100m from the local Kindergarten and Senior Citizens Centre, and less than 200m from Anderson’s Creek Primary School, thus affecting the most vulnerable members of our community. As recent medical studies have shown, children are considerably more at risk from the adverse effects of EMR due to their developing bodies, which leaves the young people of our community vulnerable to developing serious health issues such as childhood leukaemia and other types of cancers.

Owing to this we request that council, as a matter of urgency, withdraw their support from the application to erect this tower at the above-mentioned site, for the health and safety of our children and the community at large.

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