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The president of the United States of America is trying to make it where Vetrans have to pay their own insurance out of pocket.

The president of the United States is trying to make it to where the men and women who served for this great country pay their own insurance instead of the country paying it. It is like Social Security.

These men and woman risked their lives to say ours. Do you see the men and woman in congress risking their lives to save ours? No so why should they be allowed to take what little insurance our military gives them away from them? My husband is serving in Iraq as well as my brother in law, my brother served in the Navy. We as a nation and a great nation at that should help these individuals pay for their insurance just like we should help the elderly on theirs.

Can we as a nation stand up for what is right? We can pay for drug addicts to get payed with a wellfare check and pay non americans to work here tax free and use or tax dollars for healthcare, but not for OUR veterans? Can we stand up for what is right?

If you believe we as a nation should help the Veterans and their families and the elderly please join with me and my family and sign this petition to help them.

Thank you for your support.

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