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This petition has been created in an attempt to request book stores to abandon the selling of this book.

Freedom of speech is recognised however surely there must be boundaries when the nature of what is being said will inevitably offend and upset people.

The Prophet Muhammad SAW, His Family RA and companions RA hold an esteemed position in Islam and to muslims and this book is seen to be disrespectful towards them.

The book also contains historical inaccuracies which further support the fact that the book serves to be offensive to Muslims.

We the undersigned therefore request this book not be sold in your stores.

We, the undersigned request that you boycott the sale of the book 'Jewel Of Medina.' Freedom of speech is recognised however it should have boundaries when the purpose is to offend a particular group.

The purpose of the book is indeed to offend Muslims particularly since the book contains many historical inaccuracies.

We, the undersigned therefore request that the book not be sold in your stores.

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