Legislative Assembly of Ontario

The Government of Ontario has stated its intention to sell 60% of Hydro One Inc. a Crown Corporation. The government of the day did not explicitly campaign on, nor did they receive a mandate from the electorate to do so.

A citizen’s initiated referendum (CIR) on a similar question in New Zealand asked the question: "Do you support the Government selling up to 49% of Meridian Energy, Mighty River Power, Genesis Power, Solid Energy and Air New Zealand?” Approximately 67% or 895,332 voters said “No”. The government of the day ignored the results because less than a million said “No”.

As we have seen before, the sale of assets, paid for by the taxpayers of Ontario, is a serious matter and the electorate need to be consulted and heard on this issue before it goes any further.

We need to get the Premiers attention and make it crystal clear to her that she does not have a mandate to sell our assets.

TO: The Legislative Assembly of Ontario

Whereas: The current government of Ontario did not campaign on nor were given the mandate to sell Hydro one.

WE, the undersigned, electors, citizens and residents of the Province of Ontario, draw the attention of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario to the following:

THAT: We are adamantly against the sale of 60% of the Ontario Hydro One electricity system and petition the government to declare a moratorium on the sale of this asset until such time as the government calls a referendum posing a clear question to the voters, asking whether they approve of the sale, in whole or in part, of Ontario Hydro One Inc.

THEREFORE, your petitioners call upon the Government of the Province of Ontario to cease any further action on the sale of Ontario Hydro One, until such time as the electorate of the province have had an opportunity to voice their opinion on the sale by way of a democratically held referendum.

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