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Last fall Glenbard West (GBW) High School spent 1.4 million to install artificial turf on Memorial Field at Crescent Blvd. Now the administration wants to install 80-ft. light towers, a loud speaker system, and stadium seating for 250 within this small narrow residential area to accommodate night-time sporting events.

- In addition to GBW practices and games, the field will be used for Park District sporting activities as well as a plan to lease to third party sports clubs.

-Potential usage could be 7 nights a week for up to 7 months of the Spring, Summer, Fall outdoor athletic season with lights on until 10:00pm.

-over 8,000 vehicles a day travel Crescent Blvd west of the school.

-From 2004 to 2010, there were 65 accidents in the immediate area. Ten accidents in 2010 alone!.

- There were 6 accidents from 9/20/2010 (field turf installed) through the end of the year (source:GE Police Dept).

-Evening activities at the school in combination with the night time sporting events, local/commuter traffic, distracted pedestrians/drivers and glare from the light will create an even greater safety hazard.

- Vertical light spill and glare will create brightness 3 1/2 times greater than that of the best lit Chicago street.

-Blaring speaker noise, light pollution, and limited parking wil be an assault on the quality of life for residents over a large area.

-Property values within the community will decrease as living near the school would no longer be an asset.

-Glowing 8-story light towers will be visible from a great distance and will permanently alter the historic character of GBW, the downtown village, and the community skyline.

Residents from throughout the community have come together in objection to this plan to over-develop and over-use this already crowded area.

I oppose the Glenbard West plan to install stadium lighting on Memorial Field.

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