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Suffolk County council
United Kingdom

Do you realise overnight we will loose both the main green areas that townsfolk use for leisure and events?

The whole of the George Lambton's area off Fordham road will be built on with yet another supermarket, another junk food drive thru and housing going all the way down to what is called the Yellow Brick Road. Oh and a Cinema. Don't be blinded by the thought of having a cinema in town, how often can people afford to go to the cinema? and do people seriously think that will keep youngsters off the streets as some people have said it will do? Maybe if they are rich.

The sweetener to clinch the deal is taking over the 'Upper School/College field' to build on it and create two new football pitches with flood lighting, refurbishment of the tennis courts and new changing facilities. This plan also includes totally fencing off the whole field so we lose yet another large green area that has been used by public for leisure for many years.

I personally grew up in this area and the field has always been there for children to play in etc. Seeing it turned into some sort of place resembling a prison that our children can't play on saddens me.

Bear in mind that we have lost the Severals to a certain degree. It is still accessible but obviously when there are cricket matches being played it is not an area that we can use.

Listed are some of the things that will be lost.

The fair, car boot sales, kite flying, mother and toddler groups, keep fit groups, joggers, tai chi, walkers, sunbathing for people that don't have gardens and general lying about in the sun.

On Lambtons all of the above and - loss of the skate park, power kiting, dog shows, dog walking (possibly meaning the surrounding estates will be more prone to dog fouling?) dog racing, firework events, plus free, accessible and safe parking for football matches/tournaments.

Please help us support the council who rejected the plans because of these reasons. If we don't act now we will lose these areas forever.

We the undersigned present this Petition against the proposed development of a new Sainsburys store, which will result in the loss of two large areas of green land in Newmarket, Suffolk.

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