Anna Bligh

Queensland Government has given notice to several venues as to why they should be allowed to serve beverages in glass. The Fortitude Valley is one of, if not, the biggest entertainment precinct in Brisbane.

The valley alone has over 70 000 patrons move through it from Friday to Monday every week. Though statistics prove there has been an increase in the amount of ‘glassing’ incidents, comparatively there are thousands of people whom flow through establishments every weekend without trouble or incident.

This petition is an attempt to stop a tiny minority ruining it for a vast majority.

We, the undersigned, ask the Bligh Government to recognise there are better ways to control violence within the entertainment districts of Brisbane rather than banning glassware.

Having control measures in place to identify serial offenders such as ID scanners are more effective at combating such a problem.

Removing glass from establishments is punishing 69 999 patrons every weekend for the sake of 10 a year.

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