#Human Rights

The creators of any Aboriginal Racist Facebook pages are described as a potential breach of Australia’s Racial Discrimination Act and should remove all of the controversial pages.

The racist pages portray Aboriginal people as inferior drunks who sniff petrol and bludge off welfare and that’s only half the stuff what people are commenting.
The material is offensive and is depicting a whole race of people in a way that's negative, that's ridiculing them, that's mocking them and is offensive.

This petition is to get Facebook to remove the material, review guidelines about what the threshold is on racism and how racism is depicted on the Facebook site.

We call upon Facebook to Remove all Racist Pages on Facebook site, have srticter guidlelines and abide by Australia's Racial Discrimaination Act.

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The No to Racist pages on Facebook petition to FACEBOOK was written by Dulcine Blair and is in the category Human Rights at GoPetition.