#Animal Rights
Proctor & Gamble

P&G have admitted to animal testing on many types of animals, breeds of dog, and species mammal. Not only do they admit it, they ADVERTISE it! In 2009 it is unconscionable for any business, let alone a multibillion dollar corporation to continue (or even start) animal testing and acting abusive towards animals.

Let's help this company realize what they are doing wrong, and they would be even more profitable if they expanded their mission to include not harming defenseless animals.

We challenge P&G to follow what other corporations have done, STOP TESTING ON ANIMALS!

By signing this petition, you will be saving lives of multiple animals. You will be agreeing that what P&G is wrong, and will be BOYCOTTING P&G PRODUCTS until they stop animal testing.

Sign this petition, and join many others who have decided to make a difference in the world. One little signature, your little signature, can SAVE THE LIVES OF MANY, MANY ANIMALS!

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