Unaddressed paper advertising AKA Junk Mail

Just say "No" to paper 'Junk Mail'. Why are we killing 100 million trees a year for unaddressed mail we just throw away anyway? Each year 25% of all our planets trees are cut down for Junk Mail, producing 12.5% of global Co2 emissions.

100 tons of junk mail paper creates 7 tons of green house gases. Forests can play a big role in the fight to stop climate change. The mature forested area of the earth is steadily being depleted.

This is contributing to the degradation of the environment and the extinction of many species. There is now a clear and present danger that man actions or in-actions will destroy a large proportion of the present population of species on earth.

Trees play very important roles on our planet:

Their role in the regulation of climate and water cycles is both important and unique.
They Protect the world’s climate by absorbing carbon dioxide.
Provide certain habitats with the stable conditions necessary for life, and offer us beautiful scenery.
Provide shelter for people, animals, and other plants.
Provide nutrients and shelter for a variety of organisms while decomposing. They also provide Building materials we need for our homes. They produce food such as fruit and nuts. They also produce Coal from decayed remains.

Please Sign this petition and help stop the destruction of our forests for junk mail and all other forms of unnecessary paper waste.

We need our trees! Without them life on this planet will cease to exist. Let's make sure our future generations have something to look forward to. Once there are enough signatures we can make a difference simply by eliminating something we don't need.

We can and must make a difference!

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