#Animal Rights
To stop animal cruelty!
United Arab Emirates

The main difference between animals, and us humans is the fact that their absolutely helpless. They may seem dangerous but no matter what we have the advantage. We have the advantage of taking a tranquilizer and BANG! They wake up in a cage that doesn't fit their needs. What if that happened to you? What would be going through your head? What did I do to deserve this? What about my kids? What about my family? When will I ever get out of here? They are probably thinking the SAME thing. I don't understand how we could be so selfish in the fact that "having a lion will make me look of higher rep."

How does having a pet you probably will never be able to love make you have a higher reputation? I can honestly say if I were to have a friend who told me they have a monkey, lion, cheetah, tiger, etc in their backyard I probably would never speak to them again. Even having falcons make me sick to my stomach. You let this animal sit at home while you go and enjoy your life. You take everything out of their life.

You wouldn't want to be put into a cage and only attend to when it worked for "them." I was walking in one of the most busiest places to be on a Friday night, and I saw this monkey sitting on this man's shoulder. It hurt me so much, how could you do to that to an innocent creature? IT'S A MONKEY! Why do you need to have a monkey? I've also heard stories about people having lions, tigers, and other big cats. What gives you the right to keep a animal of that capacity?

The big question is what do they do with it when they don't want it anymore! You can't put it into the wild, it's lived off human service and won't know how to defend for itself.

All I'm asking is for it to be illegal to have wild animals, that don't belong in homes. Animals are not decoration, and especially bigger cats are not meant to be pets.

So please take into consideration their safety and needs. For the Islamic culture cruelty to animals if forbidden. In the Koran, Allah states "You (Peoples) give mercy to the earth's species, then he (Allah) give mercy to you."

Prophet Mohd. stated a story saying: "One day a man walking through a place, then he seeing a dog very thirst for the water. Then he take the water from a well in his shoes and gave this to the dog. That man goes to Heaven. He stated another story: "A cruel woman tied a cat for a full, and didn't gave any food for the cat. She goes to hell. So why keep a caged animal who belongs in the desert, in your backyard?"

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