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State Government of Western Australia

Drivers who lose their Driver's License through offences such as drink driving, speeding etc (not through accumulated loss of Demerit Points) are currenlty able to apply for an Extraordinary License (E Plates) that allows them to drive under restriction e.g. to and from work during daylight hours.

Too many drivers are using this E License as a backup plan for unacceptable driving behaviour, and continue to commit offences even while holding the special privilege of an E License.

We, the undersigned, urge the State Government of Western Australia, to revoke laws allowing drivers who have committed offences to obtain an Extraordinary Driver's License.

Many drivers continue to commit driving offences while on this license, or commit offences knowing that this license is available and may mean they will still be able to drive if their license is revoked.

We strongly feel driver behaviour may be changed if this E License was not available.

Thank you

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