#Residential Disputes
Coventry Parkhomes Board
United States of America

As owners of Coventry Parkhomes, we are entitled to use Common Elements at any time. The pool is a common element and with rules that restrict members use, this is discrimination.

Adult Only Swim Times were put in place by the board for the first time ever. These special times should be rescinded and the pool should be open for everyone at all times.

The Coventry pool is for use by all co-owners through out Coventry Parkhomes. It is by definition a "common element" that everyone has access to unless a co-owner has not paid its monthly association fees.

This pool season the board instituted Adult Swim times from 5:00 P.M. to 7:00 P.M. every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This rule is discriminating against the children of Coventry and should be abolished.

If you agree with this petition, please sign and inform your Coventry Parkhome neighbors as well.

Thank you very much.

Mark H. Stowers
1933 Wickham
Coventry Co-owner since 1995

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