Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.
United States of America

We are writing this letter of petition to bring attention to a very serious issue for the employees of Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.: the current health insurance provider, Cigna. We are asking that this company terminates or does not renew their contract with Cigna in the future for the following reasons.

We were told that our health plan would stay the same when the insurance provider was changed from United Healthcare to Cigna but what we weren’t told was that this new provider has completely different policies for what is covered and does not make it simple to receive the health care we need.

We weren’t told that this new provider uses a third party (American Specialty Health) for getting authorization to pay the healthcare providers. In most cases, this company refuses to give authorization for treatments, tests, diagnoses, examinations (including MRI) by saying that it's not necessary for the patients because the doctor could not prove that diagnosis or treatment is necessary.
This makes it very difficult for us employees and our families to seek medical care.

Cigna is not a benefit being provided by Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. currently, but a detriment. We strongly urge a great company like Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. to do the right thing and provide its hardworking employees with the proper health insurance coverage that is deserved.

Please feel free to add your own experiences, examples and documents if you have experienced hardships with Cigna to this petition.

Most importantly, please sign this petition to support the employees of Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. get proper health insurance benefits.

We, the undersigned, request that Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. terminate and/or not renew their contract with Cigna in the future and provide us with health insurance we can use to receive medical care when needed.

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