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Ministry of Education and Skills Development

In the year 1995, a truck carrying Ngwaketse CJSS students on a school trip subsided causing some casualties. Later, a similar incident occurred in Northern Botswana. The government of the Republic, through public policy, has since promised the nation to ban the use of trucks in transporting students.

Unfortunately, over the years, the government has failed to keep its word to the people as trucks have been used as common practice to transport students back home during school breaks and during school trips. Such has not only compromised the dignity of public school students but also much more importantly, their safety.

On Friday 13 November 2015, an overloaded truck carrying 126 Matsha Senior students subsided causing casualties and injuries on many of the passengers. Such has been he ultimate demise of myopic acts of ignorance on the part of the Government and school administrations.

We, the undersigned, call on the Ministry of Education and Skills Development to:

1. Asses and establish proper transport systems in public schools.
2. Provide all Senior Secondary Schools participating in the 2015 Boot camps with safe and appropriate transport for transporting students.

Until such measures as to assure the fulfilment of the above, the 2015 BGCSE candidates that are to participate in Boot camps in their respective schools shall boycott the activity.

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