Monroe County School Board, Monroe County Commissioners
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Members of our community are circulating this petition in the hopes our elected officials will not take time from our children's educators in order to try to raise our classroom teachers to the level of trained police officers. Time they would otherwise spend on literature, sciences and the humanities.

There is a threat which we face regarding the safe education of our children. Teachers are not trained police officers, they are professionals who help our children expand their knowledge of the world around us. Police officers are trained in protecting the safety of our community. They are trained when and how to use weapons exhaustively. They are trained when not to use weapons exhaustively.

Let educators and students have a safe education focused environment and let trained public safety officers use their training to provide that safe environment as the sole armed school personnel.

School employees should be focused on their students educational needs in a safe environment. The evidence is overwhelming that more guns don't make us safer. They increase the risk of gun incidents and are no match to a mass shooter with an assault rifle. Trained School Resource Officers (SROs) shoud be considered for being armed on our campuses.

In addition to the risks to students, implementation of allowing teachers to carry guns poses a significant threat to Monroe County’s image. This program would be inviting a negative media spotlight, potential tourism boycotts, businesses choosing to move jobs elsewhere, parents pulling students from schools - hurting school funding, as well as a hit to property values.

The NRA uses Florida as a testing ground for legislation such as Stand Your Ground which is now in 33 states. We will not allow Monroe County to be a testing ground for armed school staff.

We, the undersigned urge our elective officials to leave gun use to the professionals. Protect students and our county and please opt out of arming our teachers.

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