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We need to stop Nudity from being in reach of our children and people underage. Personally I don't think that nudity should even be allowed in movies, television, or internet.

I think that you should not be allowed to access nudity until you're of age 21, not 18. At 18 you're still a teenager. You're still a child no matter if you're considered an adult. Without nudity we can assure our children with a healthy non-gutter lifestyle.

Speaking as an experienced person, I know that you can get onto the computer and look up porn and watch it, even for free. You can also sit down and watch television, and you will see skimpy dressed women and men in barely any cover up, and sometimes nude. In movies there are too many movies that would be so much better without nudity. They didn't need nudity in those movies to make them good.

So I think I speak for most parents when I say we need to secure nudity or do away with most of it to secure our children's lives and make sure that they are not getting around our parental locks.

We need to stop nudity from being in the reach of our children and the underaged.

Sign this petition to try and take nudity out of our movies, television, and the internet. The media should raise the age of access to nudity from 18 to 21. They should secure these things better and do away with the free access because anyone of any age can see this.

It should be a crime to put nude pictures on the internet, regardless of age.

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