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United Kingdom

Okay, so David Cameron has come under a lot of pressure lately regarding his personal finances, but I, and my family, cannot have any sympathy with him whatsoever.

As we, like millions of others who have an elderly parent with demanding health care needs, welcomed his party’s 2015 election promise to cap care costs at £72,000, were consequently sucked into voting for his party. So, even though it means we are now having to pay again, (the first time through her working NI contributions), for this privilege because her assets are over the current limit, she is in effect paying twice!

I sincerely hope David Cameron doesn’t have to undergo either, having to sell his family’s homes to finance health care, or endure the complete lack of disregard for both our and our mum’s health and welfare since she left hospital in July 2015.

And now to the point of my outrage.

Well I, for one, will be voting to leave the Eurozone, I have made that decision so I feel it’s totally un-necessary for us the taxpayer to convince ‘ourselves’ by spending over £9 million sending out ‘Pro Euro’ propaganda, we are big enough to make up our own minds!

So David Cameron, in this democratic country, I for one would like the choice of opting out of your junk mail and request that you spend the cost of producing my mail and postage and put that money back into the NHS.

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