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There is an application for a 3million tonne sand and gravel quarry with Shropshire Council on land between Lower Rudge, and the A454 (on the left just before Gardenlands Garden Centre).
The site is just off the A454 which is already incredibly busy and dangerous without the proposed 100 extra quarry lorries a day going in and out!! There have been a number of serious and fatal accidents over the years and large, heavy, slow moving quarry lorries are only going to add to the problem. The pollution from these lorries and the mess on the roads will have further negative impact on the surrounding area.
Not only is the 100 acre site on prime green belt land it is also a very large prinicpal aquifer which makes the whole thing completely unacceptable. There is huge concern that the quarry will seriously affect the flow of ground water from the site into the moat and pools at the beautiful Grade I listed Ludstone Hall. This route has been flowing and filling up the moat and pools for centuries. The proposed quarry activity will without a doubt have irreparable effects to local flora and fauna and even local rural businesses (no water= no farming for many people) There are over 60 acres of woodland directly on its boundary, of which there are 40 acres of beautiful ancient woodland which is not only incredibly rare but completely irreplaceable. This woodland will be affected in so many ways due to the dust, changes to ground water, vibrations and pollution from heaven machinery. It could very easily be destroyed and lost all together if the application is granted. There are many native and protected animals and birds which live in the woodland and the surrounding countryside and depend on it for their survival, such as owls, bats, badgers and newts. This application amounts to ecological vandalism due to the irreversible damage it will cause. The proposed site is in a very prominent position which will be able to be seen from a great distance (including all the way along the A454). And due to the nature of being a very prominent site it is also very windy and therefore any dust created by the proposed quarrying activity will spread it over a considerable area.
There is also a wealth of archeological artefacts from the prehistoric settlement on the site which should not be dug up with 30tonne diggers!
The whole application is missing vital information and proper tests for many things including effects to local drinking water supplies, the ancient woodland, wildlife, and local living conditions. Shropshire SAMDEV states that we have enough of both sand and gravel for at least 10 years plus and there are other specified quarries waiting in a land bank for consideration so there is no reason to pass this application now or in the future. We have to urge the Council to scrutinise the application properly and independently given its complex nature!
Please, please, please, if you have 5 minutes could you sign this petition and submit an OBJECTION to Shropshire Council.
Also, please pass this on to any one you think might be affected and would like to OBJECT too.
Link below:
Hugest thank you, I know you will all help in protecting our countryside from irreparable damage for the future and our children's future.

We the undersigned, call on Shropshire Council to refuse the application for a 3 million tonne sand and gravel quarry on land near Shipley, Shropshire. The application does not adequately consider all of the damage it could cause to the local area and people living with in it. Nor does it address the potential negative impact on highways, water and ecology. This application is contrary to the governments 25 year environmental plan for the UK, as the destruction of the natural capital does not out weigh the potential economic benefits for Shropshire.

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