Province of New Brunswick

Trans-Canada has applied to National Energy Board to construct the Energy East Pipeline in order to deliver 1.1 million barrels of oil per day from the Alberta Tar Sands to the city of Saint John, New Brunswick.

Although the original layout of the pipeline route provided will pass 500 meters from the filtered basin where our drinking water is collected, and where our water is filtered naturally then redistributed was amended, the alternative route passes directly through rivers and streams that feed our water daily. It is important to note that this is our source of clean drinking water and supply for the City of Edmundston.

The fragile nature of this source of water is recognized by the Province of New Brunswick under the Water Protection Act and is a designated Protected Water Shed: http://goo.gl/miwIib

This water basin has a natural filtration system that is older than 10 000 years. It offers an exceptional quality water, all natural because it requires only a slight addition of chlorine. As the City of Edmundston has no filtration plant, contamination of tributaries to the filter basin would be a disaster, leaving the entire city and surrounding area without drinking water for the hospital, schools, industries, businesses and citizens.

An alternative route could circumvent the tributaries that feed the city's drinking water, but Trans-Canada refuses to change its current path

This petition concerns the route of Energy East pipeline and the protection of the only source of drinking water for the City of Edmundston. It is not intended to support or against the construction of the pipeline itself.

You can very well be support of the construction of the pipeline and be in favor of protecting drinking water or be against the construction of the pipeline while signing this petition.

We, the undersigned, fully support the city of Edmundston councils position that any trace of Energy East pipeline putting at risk even minimally, our source of drinking water is unacceptable.

We ask the National Energy Board to consider the uniqueness of the situation in the City of Edmundston and to require Trans-Canada realigns Energy East pipeline to avoid the Protected Watershed where we get our drinking water.

We also urge the government of New Brunswick to respect the spirit of its own law on protected watershed areas by refusing to pass any decree allowing the Energy East pipeline to cross our watershed. and endanger the only source of drinking water supply for the City of Edmundston.

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