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My dog died in my arms in Feb 2, 2019....This all could have been prevented.

Littlefox could have had a chance in life if only the veterinary practice took his condition seriously.

Our dog was non-responsive, collapsed, extremely weak and the list goes on. Littlefox was in a life threatening critical condition.

We rushed our dog to the vet. They ignored his ill condition and sent us elsewhere only for him to die in my arms.

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Petitioning the Management of Redwood Veterinary Vallejo, CA

What Happened to Our Dog Shouldn't Happen to Any Other ...

Every Pet Has a Right to Life Sustaining Care
(For Littlefox, and your pet)

The Day of the Emergency

Saturday February 2, 2019 11:45 AM amounted to a day that wasn't just another Saturday - it was the day that Littlefox, a dog, a pet and a member of our family, died. He was suffering from an on going medical condition that on this day, took a turn for the worse. Littlefox didn't die from a dog owner not having recognized an emergency situation and taking the required action to bring about immediate medical attention. And he didn't lose his life because he didn't fight hard enough to keep it. No, he died because when he was rushed to Redwood Veterinary where he was expected to receive urgent and appropriate medical attention - none was provided. In fact, we were instructed to go elsewhere - to another veterinary hospital. Given Littlefox's immediate condition, this response was no less than unacceptable - and yet, this is precisely what had occurred. Littlefox was dead in my arms before we arrived at the second vet hospital (Sage Vet).

Not Help a Dog in Distress?!

Prior to visiting Redwood, Littlefox had been diagnosed with liver cancer. That day, he had been vomiting and was very much dehydrated, not eating, unresponsive and probably in and out of consciousness. Upon arrival at Redwood we narrated his condition/symptoms first to those at the front desk, then also to a Vet Tech (by the name of Jen) who came out afterwards. Furthermore, given his condition that day, we suggested that he probably requires fluids and nutrients (intravenously). We also suggested the possibility of administering oxygen as well - all in order to help aid in stabilizing his condition. As a response to our request, Vet Tech Jen simply examined his gums and with the aid of a stethoscope, took note of the dogs vitals. After this, she arrived at the conclusion that, "This was good" - which was in complete and total contrast/contradiction to how he looked/responded. She further stated that he should be taken to Sage Concord Emergency Care in Concord (several miles away), explaining that this was due to her facility being 'booked to full capacity'. This was a very poor excuse to not help a dying dog.

So Why Did This Even Happen in the First Place?

We were on our way to Sage - with Littlefox still in critical condition in my arms - when he took three agonizing breaths and died. Upon arrival at Sage, the doctor gave our dog CPR for ten minutes and declared he was DOA (Dead On Arrival), explaining that he was bleeding internally as a result of a ruptured tumor. We can only imagine the pain Littlefox was going through. Given all factors, we can now only speculate as to whether or not he would still be alive and running around had he received proper medical attention earlier on from Redwood Vet. All of which begs some important questions: Why did this happen? Why did Redwood Vet feel that our dog was not deserving enough to have been properly attended to by a professional veterinary doctor? Why did the Vet Tech take zero actions with regards to making any effort(s) to at least try to stabilize Littlefox's condition? Are these the normal practices/procedures one should come to expect from Redwood Veterinary in such a situation? How many other animals have been treated in a similar manner? And how many other animals held within their care expired under such conditions?

A Petition to Truly Put Care for Animals First Over Business

This petition is meant to illicit a response from the management of Redwood Veterinary - in order to persuade them to answer these questions and also provide accurate information about their mortality rate in similar life-threatening situations for other pets within their care. We feel we have a duty to obtain these answers so as to arm other pet owners with adequate and accurate knowledge concerning Redwood Vet - to ascertain as to whether or not Redwood Veterinary at present, is wholly capable of administering health care to our pets. What happened to Littlefox, should never be allowed to happen to ANY other pet. If this petition accomplishes that with regards to even a single animal, then it's purpose has been achieved.


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