#Children's Rights
The Entire Judicial System
United Kingdom

The Majority Of Those Who Harm A Child In Any Way Will Most Likely Serve A Time Where They've Been Treated Like Royalty. The Children Are The Victims & UK Judicial System Us So Messed Up It's Ignoring The Facts That More & More Children Are Being Hurt & Abused Either By Those They Know Or Strangers.

I Am Starting This Petition To Make Sure That A Sentence For Child Cruelty Means ABOVE 25+ Years. The Children Can't Stand Up To These Monsters So We Should Do It For Every Victim & Make Sure These People Locked Up.

"We The Undersigned Want Those Who Commit Child Cruelty Ie; Abuse, Rape Or Harm To Be Given A Sentence Of 25+ Years Minimum No Matter What The Involvement."

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