Gov. Baker, Ms. Pollack, Mr. Gulliver, Ms. Gascon, Mr. Pignatelli, Mr. Hinds
United States of America

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation is currently studying the possibility of constructing a new turnpike interchange in western MA between the interchanges of Westfield and Lee. The towns along this section of the turnpike are Blandford, Becket and Otis. Surrounding towns that would also be affected are Chester, Huntington, Russell and Granville.
An additional turnpike interchange would completely change the character of our rural communities. There would be more cars and trucks, with ensuing noise and engine exhaust and serious safety concerns. Our two-lane roads are narrow, with steep grades. Steep grades plus the snow and ice that are common in western Massachusetts would be a dangerous combination for the proposed additional traffic. And the local towns are poorly equipped to perform the supplemental maintenance that would be required of them to maintain safe conditions. Moreover, the existing bridges and culverts are not capable of supporting the additional weight from commercial vehicles.
Most important, we choose to live in western Massachusetts for its natural beauty, quiet and small-town nature. As residents, property owners and taxpayers, we want to maintain that rural character. We think the addition of a turnpike interchange would be detrimental to the residents, to the economies of the towns and to the wildlife.
As residents and taxpayers, we INSIST - No New Interchange in Western Massachusetts.
This petition will be sent to the people list below who are involved with the decision making. Their emails are included. You are encouraged to write to them individually as well as signing the petition. The more they hear from us, the more they will realize our level of commitment and concern.
Governor Charlie Baker, constituent.services@state.ma.us
Stephanie Pollack, Secretary and Chief Executive Officer, MA Dept. of Transportation (MassDOT) - email is sent to her assistant - cheryl.a.dustin@dot.state.ma.us
Jonathan Gulliver, Highway Administrator, MassDOT, jonathan.gulliver@dot.state.ma.us
Cassandra Gascon, project manager for MassDOT cassandra.gascon@dot.state.ma.us
William "Smitty" Pignatelli is the MA House Representative for the area. smitty.pignatelli@mahouse.gov,
Adam Hinds is the MA Senator for the involved area.

We, the undersigned, are opposed to any new interchange between Exit 2 in Lee and Exit 3 in Westfield.
We are residents and taxpayers of Massachusetts. We feel an interchange would be extremely detrimental to our local communities, to both people and wildlife.
We request that you immediately stop any further consideration of an interchange, including engineering studies.

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