#Local Government
Gallatin City Council
United States of America

An Ohio-based company wants to build 444 apartments across the street from Station Camp schools.

This will dramatically and negatively impact people living in Hendersonville and Gallatin, especially those of us living in the Station Camp school zones.

Please sign this petition asking the Gallatin Council to reject the proposal and keep the current commercial zoning on the land.

We stand opposed to the proposed 444-unit Hidden Creek apartments planned for Big Station Camp Blvd. Our opposition is based on the costs our community will pay:

(1) increased need for government services;

(2) demand on local schools;

(3) potential crime that is attracted to apartment complexes;

(4) loss of sales tax from this property that otherwise will be developed commercially; and

(5) the transient status of apartments and the accompanying loss of a sense of community.

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