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The Wedge is a ridiculous television show aired by Channel Ten. This tv program is repetitive and creates a culture of stupidity among those who watch.

Every episode since it aired has been an exact replica of the week before, not just in formula but also in dialogue.

The television broadcasters are inflicting this rubbish upon us in the hope that we'll just accept it as normal.

Let us, as an informed television watching society, petition for the removal of The Wedge (aired by Channel 10) from the airways.

We need to bin this ridiculous and unfunny show. I have not yet spoken to one person who thinks it is slightly funny, so the broadcasters are obviously not listening to the ratings!

To the broadcasters at Channel 10, please remove this horrendous show from our evening timeslot as we feel stupider for having watched it.

The Undersigned.

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The No More Wedgedale petition to Television watchers was written by Sonia Bishop and is in the category Television at GoPetition.

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