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Eating Disorders have been around for years while millions of people have died from them. Being a recovered eating disorder patient these sites are like telling us it is okay to commite sucide.

1 in every 100 people have an eating disorder. I could sit here and give you statistics on Eating Disorders all day but instead I will just tell you Eating Disorders are not healthy they come with many risks of life, love, and friendship.

I'am 14 years old I have been in a recovery center twice. I knew alot of people who beat this monster. I also know alot of people who welcome it as a friend, but friends don't kill each other. Those people are who nead help more than anything.

It is just not Healthy and NOT RIGHT!

Eating disorders kill millions of people a year, most of them are teens. Please sign this petition to help these people who need it most.

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