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I have taken the TAKS test, and I am concerned that this test hinders high schoolers to do well in academics. Our teaching is intertwined with this test so much, that it hard not to work out of the book.

I believe as a student and registered voter, that kids should not be judged by this test. The exit level test determines if you graduate or not. To me that's wrong, just because a student fails this test he/she can not graduate with friends. A kid's GPA could be 4.0 and he/she fails the test they have to retake it.

I have also seen some of the brightest kids fail, and not graduate on time. I do not think this test determines any knowledge within the brain of a teen, to it seems like the numbers, which the result of the test ( by school) is just to compare. Is it really worth knowing who is the best?

We, the undersigned, request that the Texas Department of Education take action on this subject. This test needs to be reviewed and banished from our schools.

This test is wrong and demoralizes our youth.

No more TAKS test.

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No more TAKS test