#Media Issues
Seven Network and Nine Network

Today Tonight and A Current Affair makes the claim that they are relevant, honest topical news programs. But just watch either show on just one night and you would see stories that glamourises xenophobia (such as "Vietnamese Sting" and "Passing the Pavlova Test") or paints a certain group in a negative light.

What Today Tonight and A Current Affair airs is nothing more than trash. Some of the recurring stories includes:

* Parking inspectors/council officers
* Cheap imported product being sold over Australian
* The groceries are cheaper a suburb away
* The washing powder/ dish detergent/ X cleaning product comparison
* Wow there's out of date stuff on the shelves of this shop
* The dodgy indian takeaway on the corner has cockroaches in the kitchen...
* The evil old bloke/woman next door
* Another wannabe gangster wife
* A used car yard conman
* Nigerian scammers
* I bought a lemon car
* I cant control my child, the government should help me
* I used a home beauty product and had a reaction to it
* Celebrity stories
* Dole Blodgers
* 'Political Correctness' gone mad
* 'Evil' Asian immigrants

If you don't want to see this on Australian television (and no doubt most Australians don't want to see these stories on Australian television), then please sign this petition. And please, get your friends on board. The more signatures we have, the better.


We, The Undersigned,

Demand that the Seven Network (as the broadcaster of Today Tonight) and the Nine Network (as the broadcaster of A Current Affair) make serious changes to both Today Tonight and A Current Affair, which are often twisted and biased in nature.

Both programs are presented as relevant, honest topical news programs but won't report on anything that is relevant and falls into the trap of cheap and nasty tabloid television.

We, as Australian citizens had enough of tabloid television such as Today Tonight and A Current Affair. Either make serious changes to these programs, or the Australian public will call for both programs to be axed.

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